We Are

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Formerly OC Human Relations

"A broad, deep swell or rolling of the sea. A surge of support, approval or enthusiasm, especially among the general public."

We are a groundswell.

We are shifting energy. We are movement forward. Together, we amplify perspectives, we create change, and we work to build a more collective, supportive, and belonging community.

Mission & Vision


Bringing diverse people together to build a more equitable future.


We envision a world where belonging is co-created and realized by all.

How the brand would think and feel if it were a person

Brand Personafied

Being human is no easy feat. Our complicated bias and opinions, traumas and abuses, joys and hardships all inform our outlooks and responses in times of conflict. Outlooks and responses that are unquestionably different, and too often at odds. But those very differences shape our region’s unique vibrancy, its distinctive vibe. We help leaders embrace the notion that diversity is the definitive ingredient of prosperous communities, and that opening doors and hearts is the first step toward eliminating injustice. As bridge builders, we invite everyone to walk with us on this journey of understanding each other a little bit better. Eliminating barriers to open and honest communication, conflict prevention, and resolving what may feel unresolvable—it’s what ignites our passion and keeps us working toward a future where every person is a valued contributor and cherished for their unique humanity.