Bringing diverse people together to build a more equitable future


We envision a world where belonging is co-created and realized by all


Everyone Can Lead

We challenge traditional views of leadership by supporting and encouraging all people, especially those at the margins, to lead positive change.

Doing with, not doing to nor doing for

We aim to strengthen relationships, prevent harm, and promote healing through a restorative justice lens and the use of restorative practices.

The Power of Relationships

We strive to work in partnership with others, show up authentically, and build trust in our interactions.

Leading with Curiosity

We approach challenging issues with empathy and inquiry instead of blame or punishment, because everyone makes mistakes.

Inherent Human Dignity

Everyone is in the circle of concern and we are eager to engage with groups and individuals who honor human dignity.

We do this by:

  • Bringing diverse people together in dialogue in conflict resolution processes to build understanding and empathy
  • Partnering to prevent and respond to conflict and harm because we want our work to be informed by the experiences and expertise of many
  • Changing the narrative to show that how we talk about each other changes the way we see each other
  • Provide training, tools, and support for leaders because we believe all people are and can step into their leadership so we are not creating leaders but supporting them.

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